Why is this here?

This blog started in a state of panic…

I was in the process of finishing a Masters degree in Organizational Behaviour (I passed…eventually) and doing a research project on Intrapreneurs. In a moment of clarity I realised I needed something that I could point people at to help in the process of recruiting interview participants for my research.

Since then I have really enjoyed the process of writing the posts and it’s become a good way of getting some of the nonsense bouncing around my head into a (hopefully) more clear and coherent form and along the way if it provokes thought in others then that’s a bonus

For anyone wondering what Organizational Behaviour is – it’s exactly like Occupational Psychology (the psychology of work) but without a first degree in Psychology I can’t become a qualified Occupational Psychologist – hence a different degree title

With that as a basis the blog is generally people focussed but does along the way as things happen stray off that a little but usually somewhere in it will be a people related thought and since I work in Organisational Development that kind of works…

Thank you for getting this far and I hope you get something from reading the random contents of my head!

P.S. A few people have asked me about the title of the blog. If you read the first post it all should become clear