The one where I share my not last words

Firstly, thank you so much for response to first two posts. Some great leads on finding corporate entrepreneurs for the project (but happy to have more suggestions –I need about 20!). Already some really interesting people who, as an aside, sound like they have awesome jobs!!

Secondly, having been in Tokyo last Friday and now watching the trouble the Japanese are facing in managing the nuclear situation and keeping basic services functional, my thoughts go out to the people all over Japan who are fearful for their immediate safety and security.

Thirdly (and mainly) I would like to take you back to a sunny afternoon in the summer of 2004. I had just finished my CIPD exams and my 5th or 6th pint and declared in a quasi-drunken voice to anyone who would listen “if I ever suggest studying whilst working full time again – please, someone shoot me”. Talk about famous not last words…

I remember standing outside Birkbeck in Bloomsbury now in the late summer of 2009 with those words ringing in my ears and if there was a man stood next to me in a black bowler hat I would have delivered the “this is another fine mess you’ve got us into, Stanley” line but alas I was stood alone (but from memory I did tweet my quote and a picture)

Due to my work schedule I could only consider the distance learning option which I have found particularly hard as I prefer to learn through debate and discussion which unfortunately has been restricted to the 5 weekend workshops we have attended. The workshops will be worthy of a post in themselves I’m sure but I generally work 10 hour days, then get home do normal stuff like catch up with friends, eat, chores etc and then the thought of sitting down with a journal article has been about as attractive as root canal surgery (and that’s pretty bad I assure you).

Learning on our course has been mainly about reviewing a volume (around 5-6 per fortnight) journal articles and then discussing them with other students in a moderated online forum run by the Uni. We are supposed to make a certain number of posts per week and contribute to the discussion. This has been a slog which at times (and on several occasions) I have failed at…

So what’s my point? Well there are two of them:

1. Before taking on a course such as this consider how much you want it and if the mode of learning suits your style and life style

2. If I ever suggest studying whilst working full time again – please, someone shoot me. No, really I mean it!!!!!



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3 responses to “The one where I share my not last words

  1. Hi Rob, your first point there about suiting your mode of learning and style is the simple consideration I have failed to do anything with getting chartership as an occupational psychologist. I have to write and keep a log of 400 days worth of activity, which shows how I have used theory in practise. It has to be supervised and then sent for approval. Each and every step of that is a painful thought for me, and I have procrastinated on it for the last 4 years, I kid you not. I have more than done the necessary ‘qualification’ for gaining the chartership, I’ve just not written about it to get the fucker (pardon the language).

  2. Zoe

    I feel your pain – I started my MBA the same month as I went back to work after maternity leave.
    I share your issues with regards to learning styles as like you I feel I learn best when given the opportunity to ‘talk it out’. Have experienced both face-to-face and online learning with the OU and am so glad I have been able to attend residentials.
    Is there anyone on the course that is close to you? Perhaps you could set up your own support group

  3. Ruth

    I have felt this pain for a year or more. It’s not easy but will be worth it! If you need a study partner….

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