The one where it ends

Or so I thought….

For some reason I was in bed last night thinking of literary opening lines and some of the greats.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

“All this happened, more or less.”

“Call me Ishmael”

“Marley was dead to begin with.”

Rather than being from a novel (as the above are) my favourite comes from a play for voices and it is:

“To begin at the beginning”

If I begin at the beginning, this blog started in a hotel room in Asia, in the middle of March of this year when I was in a state of panic regarding recruiting participants for my Masters project and the first post said by September 1st it was get a Masters or bust….

Over the next few days I wrote some follow up posts to help the recruitment process and slowly but surely got engaged with the process of blogging and 34 posts later here we are. September 1st beckons and I am sat in the same hotel this all started in. I fly back tonight and I have some tinkering and tweaking to do on my project dissertation but the back is broken and I WILL hand it on time.

My original plan had been to write this blog until my dissertation was done then end with a swansong post crediting all the people who have helped and supported the process. Then sign off with a ‘thank you very much and good night’

But two things happened which have changed that plan:

  1. I have found this really enjoyable and a great way to get nonsense out of my head and structure some of my more random thought
  2. I failed one of my exams (by an infuriating 3%) so I will NOT be getting a Masters this year and neither am I bust as I get the opportunity to resit next June

Therefore, the blog will continue with the random sharing of my thoughts and occasional rants but in the meantime I still want to credit all the people who have helped and supported my project. So in alphabetical order they are:

  • Kevin Ball
  • Paul Bullock
  • Fran Burnford
  • Alison Chisnell
  • Lily Haines-Gadd
  • Rob Harrison
  • Andy Jones
  • Katie McNab
  • Leighanne Miles
  • Neil Morrison
  • Judy Payne
  • Gillian Symon
  • Charlotte Thom
  • Kirsty Walden
  • Sophie Watson

Thank you all so much for your help in various ways. If you don’t know why you are being thanked ask 🙂

A few collective mentions:

The #ConnectingHR community who have supported this blog and helped spread the word throughout the process

The company in India that turned my transcriptions around in record speed (15 hours of interviews is no mean feat!)

Particularly, the participants of my project, who remain nameless for ethical reasons but if you are reading this, thank you very much and you will be sent a copy of the project once it’s marked

And finally:

To my boss, Sue Malti. She provided both the impetus and funding for me to study and although I have regretted the decision on numerous occasions and I am sure hindsight will soften the blow and if and when I finally achieve a degree it will be a source of considerable pride. Thanks!

P.S. [Kudos and celebrity to anyone who correctly identifies all the opening lines!]



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7 responses to “The one where it ends

  1. Anthony Alinson

    I have found the series interesting and educational throughout and have increasingly read them as a matter of habit. Thank you for sharing it all and maintaining such a high standard. I look forward to further issues when you have time and inclination !

  2. At the risk of sounding like a moment from the unctuous ‘Quote, Unquote’:

    1. A Tale of Two Cities
    2. Pride and Prejudice
    3. Slaughterhouse 5
    4. Moby Dick
    5. Christmas Carol
    6. Under Milk Wood

  3. Rick

    3 per twatting cent! How bloody annoying!

    No words I can say will console you but I’m very glad you’re not packing up your blog.

  4. I’m glad Rob, really glad.

    Rick – If an engineer were to make a 3% mistake in a bridge construction you’d know about it! 🙂

    Kevin – Google is your friend…..

  5. Doug shaw

    Keep up the good work and you will find that 3% most likely in an unexpected place. Have you checked down the back of that chair you’re sat in?

  6. What a journey! And a great decision not to stop – even if it was in part due to that damn exam! Look forward to more nonsense 😉

  7. So, if you were to stop (which I’m glad you’re not) how many other L&Ders posts would I enjoy reading and commenting on who aren’t part of a business/consultancy of some sort? In tune with others, am glad you’re sticking around, it makes my blog reading that much more enjoyable.

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