The one where the label’s different

The last time I was at an exhibition similar to this (#CIPD11) was about 2 years ago. At the time my badge had a nice weighty corporate job title which started with ‘Head of’ and left those reading it with the (correct) impression that I  lead a function within a significant organisation and more importantly to them had budget and some discretion.

As I have said previously I am here as a guest of the CIPD. I am here because one of the CIPD digital team (thank you Mrs Thomson) likes reading my blog and thought I would be an interesting addition to ‘noise’ coming out of the conference. So as far as the exhibitors and my badge are concerned I am a blogger working for a company called blogger. It looks like this:

As interesting as this may be to some people (and to all 4 of you I am grateful) to those who seek a signature of the line which is dotted I am a lost cause…..for the moment. Well to be honest, they get the ‘lost cause’ bit but aren’t neccessarily on to the ‘for the moment’ bit.

With a fair wind and some luck at some point soon I hope to land another job which gives me a nice weightly job title and some budget to spend (I do like spending organisational cash). There have been some enlightened folks about the place today who have asked enough questions to understand that ‘blogger blogger’ may be my badge, it hides a person who could be of interest to their business in the short to medium term.

However, there have been a fair few who seeing the ‘blogger blogger’ badge have in true pre-Samaritan fashion ‘crossed to other side’ to avoid what is in their eyes a conversation that holds no value.

Whilst I understand why they’ve done this (and confess I’ve probably done similar in my early years of flogging job ads) with now some platinum highlights and a few trips around the block to my credit I would counsel those averting their eyes on the following:

  • It’s about the long game
  • Appearances can be deceptive
  • There are several ‘blogger blogger’s here and they all have much larger readership than me – dismiss them at your peril


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5 responses to “The one where the label’s different

  1. Word of mouth is the best recommendation – or so I am frequently told. The reason the CIPD has has invited Bloggers this year is because of the power of social media to spread the word – it sounds as though many HR vendors are trapped in the old world of conventional sales and have yet to embrace the new approaches that successful businesses are using to gain interest in their products and services. To stand Canute-like, ignoring the on-line voices, and hence to get shown up in your blog and the reaction it has provoked, simply proves that the tide is turning.

  2. Rob – that’s a great post and dare I say you are recounting a Pretty Woman moment – big mistake, huge mistake. Enjoy the rest of the conference.

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