The one with a book review

It’s not often I get invited to review something so when Peter Gold asked me to review his book I leapt at the chance for 2 reasons. Firstly, because why not share a point of view and secondly, because Peter is want to express his own opinion so why not express right back!!

The book is called “Who moved my HR software?” and features the same central character as Peter’s previous publication “Who moved my talent?”. It features our protaganist Henry yet again fighting the demons of intertia and resistance to try and move an organisation forward.

I think Peter’s writing style owes much to Patrick Lencioni in that he attempts to take corporate issues that are over complicated and shrouded in smoke and mirrors and simplify them to allow professionals to focus on the nub of the problem.

The book is engaging, easy to read and short enough to digest in a single sitting. It takes the overly complicated lingo surrounding inhouse systems vs software as a service, coupled with inhouse hosting or the cloud and puts them in terms even I could understand.

I must confess there were a few occassions when I felt a little patronised and once or twice where ‘the Queen’s shilling’ of the book being sponsored made my teeth grind a little but it’s well worth a read for those in HR or those who are struggling with the concepts of SaaS or Cloud computing generally.

You can get a free copy (and being a book about technology it’s available in PDF, Kindle, iPad & audio versions) here

I should also point out that I did not take the queen’s shilling for writing this but will however demand a pint paid for by Gold’s shilling next time I see him!!


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