The one with some perspectives

So yet more twists and turns on the global stage and still no real traction!

I saw a tweet today from @neilmorrison which linked to a video (below) produced by Dorling Kindersley which really got me thinking about the mindset we are in at the moment….

I have now watched it several times and apart from being a fabulous piece of copywriting it has provoked me to think. It also brought to mind this advert produced some years ago for the Guardian Newspaper…

There are always different ways of framing any given situation. I remember sitting in a meeting with a colleague from the manufacturing team and I will confess we weren’t paying 100% attention to the presentation but he initiated a tongue in cheek conversation which went something like this:

Him: “Your problem is you think that glass of water is half full”

Me: “Yes and your problem is you think that glass is half empty”

Him: “You really haven’t been paying attention have you! I work in manufacturing…. I don’t know how much water is in there because Technical haven’t calibrated it, Marketing didn’t tell us how they want the water, Sales have sold it to 3 different customers, HR tell us we need to fill it with 20% less people and we probably haven’t got the right type of water because Supply Chain have messed us around”

Me: “Oh good grief”

At which point we smiled at each other and returned to a fascinating presentation on the current capex commitments and plan.

My brother introduced me to the work of Benjamin Zander, who in addition to being the Musical Director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra is an accomplished public speaker. Linked below is a talk he gave at TED entitled “Classical Music with Shining Eyes” in which he makes some excellent observations and it’s a very engaging session but even if you are currently time starved, watch the first few minutes until the adage of the shoe salesmen going to Africa

There must be a different way to frame this….but don’t worry it’s Christmas soon (and on this blog it starts tomorrow!)



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2 responses to “The one with some perspectives

  1. Provocative stories Rob – just goes to show how important it is that we stay connected to story telling as a means to not only share but widen perspectives. Storytelling is such a major leadership competency but it seems to be overlooked.

    Thinking of your glass of water story, there was an alternative view shared on Twitter (I can’t remember from who). I think it came from the point of view of an inventor or similar…. you have the wrong size glass. Isn’t that just the perfect assessment?

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