The one with the crystal ball

So as the New Year comes ever closer, the reviews of the year are in full force and the predictions for 2012 have begun in earnest.

Whilst having a rather relaxed start to the day I was reading my Twitter stream and saw a tweet from @leighanne_m bemoaning everyone looking back at 2011 rather than forward to 2012. At that point with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek I tweeted that in 2012 the days would end in Y.

A few people played along (thank you Michael and Kate!) and so in the same spirit here are my 10 predictions for 2012 (infographic to follow):

1. Facebook will change privacy settings

It’s a sure thing that of course Facebook will change its privacy settings. Outrage will follow. From lots of people who don’t close their Facebook accounts. Not much will actually change although a few people may actually realise it’s REALLY open and expecting privacy is something they should have given up in 2009

2. Daily Mail to publish headline “London Transport chaos”

So after years of build up the Olympics will finally arrive in London in 2012. Despite huge investment the challenge of running a global sporting event in a living breathing city will mean some things go wrong. The world will continue to turn but a few people will get a lot of flack.

3. People will expect more

That’s pretty much human nature isn’t it? People will always want more. The difference this year may be the “we need to tighten our belts” rhetoric may have expired and giving people more when budgets can’t stretch further may see some businesses wake up to the whole leadership/engagement thing!

4. Demand will continue to outstrip supply

Full employment is a myth that is spoken of with wry smiles but with unemployment approaching 1980s levels this one is a dead cert. That said organisations will continue to hire good people who can add value to them. The other good news is there will be innumerable infographics and top 10 lists of things you should do to get a better job

5. Politicians will handbag each other in favour of governing

With the world in unprecedented economic circumstances what we really need is a load of pointless point scoring at the expense of real solutions and decisive action. Our politicians will oblige.

6. The American General Election will consume a LOT of money and not elect a magician

The 2008 US General Election cost around $5.3billion elected the first black President and created the character Joe the Plumber. Whoever ends up winning they will continue to face the economic challenge and it certainly is a poisoned chalice. If I were Mr O I would be thinking about the lecture circuit, another book and the fact that Mr. President is a title for life regardless of remaining in office!

7. Lifeboats will continue to be useful in case of the ship sinking

Irrespective of circumstances it will be those that don’t require a trip to the umbrella shop on the rainy day that will come out best. Regardless of protestations of safety and security, anyone who hasn’t thought about the rainy day may find 2012 a grim year.

8. Twitter will continue its role in the 3rd person

With even the laggards making it to Twitter it will continue its role as commentator and disseminator. Stephen Fry will amass more followers and Twitter’s journey towards being the social networking equivalent to the Borg will continue (Please don’t RT that!)

9. Black will be the new black

Some things will become less useful; others will be the next big thing but throughout all of this most of things that make life plod along will continue to be the things that make life plod along

10. The world will not end

This is where I could be very wrong but the joy is that if I am, who will hold me to account? I think it’s going to a very tough but very interesting year where we may finally adjust to the new norm that will be austerity. Irrespective of austerity the people who make life worth the daily grind will still be there and should be appreciated to the fullest. As I said on Twitter a few hours ago, days will end in Y and as Sean Connery says in ‘The Untouchables’, “make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson.”

Whatever your plans in the coming days, Happy New Year and here’s to 2012!



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4 responses to “The one with the crystal ball

  1. Happy New Year to you too. I’m glad I briefly awoke from my seasonal slumber to read this 🙂

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