The one with a little love in the room

So it’s that day again…the day where the supply and demand curve makes dinner for 2 and a dozen roses double in price, every TV show run idiotic features and every person who’s single feel either smug or like reaching for a bottle of wine. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Now whether St. Valentine was the patron saint of lovers or actually it was just dreamt up by Geoffrey Chaucer I don’t really mind. The reality is the modern Valentine’s Day is a commercially impactful expectation fest which has very little to do with love and lots to do with supply chains!

I was involved in an organised chat on Twitter recently which asked a question along the lines of “which is better for networking, online or face to face?” and my answer went something like “One enhances the other. Maintain & grow through online. Enrich and in-depth in real life. Also hard to get drunk online ;)” and I stick by that. I have a number of friends and a relatively small family but thanks for the wonders of Facebook and Twitter I pretty much know that they are all OK and getting on with their lives. Likewise for business contacts Twitter and Linkedin provide a similar source of information.

It does sometimes feel in this time of the rise of social media that it’s only those I’m connected to online that I stay truly up to date with and at times I find myself wondering about those not connected and should I be doing more (or shouldn’t they just get over it and get in the game). It was interesting catching up with a friend i’ve not seen for 4 months last week and in the course of the conversation she confessed she both lurks on twitter and reads most of my tweets – the catch up was much easier I can tell you!!

An organisation I worked in for some time had painted on one of the walls of it’s staircases this:

“The unit of value is the customer relationship”

Having walked passed it thousands of times I got to a point of immunity to it but in reflecting on the nonsense that Valentine’s Day has become I think that whilst the word customer was appropriate in that context should I take a moment and think about the value in my relationships.

So there it is, my thought for the day – think about the people that matter to you, both business and personal and maybe take some extra time today in understanding and appreciating them and the value they bring to you and if you do have a significant other make sure they get a big snog too!


Having discussed this post with one of my closest friends last night he made the comment ‘bosses never send you a valentines card do they?’ so maybe that’s another thought…not sure how anonymity will work there though 😉


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  1. Lilly

    I have found twitter, facebook and linked in have enhanced and extended by face to face relationships, as well as creating new online networks (this week I got a query for experts in my field in the Czech Republic – I found some names for the enquirer via a Linked In group; I’ve met new collaborators online).

    I realised the full impact of online networking when I went to the BPS Dept of Occupational Psychology conference for the 3rd time this year and several people I’d met at the conference previously told me they’ve been lurkers following me on twitter for the past year. Catching up was quicker, and we talked more in-depth than we had previously. I was also slightly freaked out…

    I read somewhere that facebook and other social media provide the same as “garden fence” conversation FtF: a quick hello, what’s up, nice to see you. Each individual unit of communication is low in value, but they build up to create a sense of community, belonging and connection. I’ve certainly found facebook has enhanced my relationship with family spread over the globe (I see what they’re up to regularly, not just a yearly conversation at family gatherings), and when I talk about my upcoming travels, old friends I haven’t seen in years often get in touch offering to meet up (I’m being fed in Geneva by girl I went to primary school with next month!).

    I’ve found out the value of social media through using it a lot and I guess I would add to your thought by saying that it has an important part to play in building relationships. I work much more closely with a colleague now we’re connected on facebook and twitter and I feel more in tune with him: I love reading your blog posts as I get a little slice of what you’re thinking regularly 😉

    Big blog love x

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