The one with the pride swallowing siege

For the people who read this blog regularly (you’re all mad) you may have noticed my usual rhythm has somewhat faltered over the past 10 days and no posts have appeared. There has been good reason for this in that I have been busy landing a new position and will (all things being equal) take up a new role later this month. Being still a little fearful of tempting fate I am stopping short of broadcasting this new role and will, I assure you, update my LinkedIn profile once I have my backside in the chair.

I have been tremendously lucky in my job search to receive  advice, referrals, recommendations, guidance, feedback, food, drink and all manner of support from a great number of people and to name them all would make this feel like the Oscar acceptance speech for best documentary – a long list of names that mean very little to most and only something to the person saying them. That said it would be remiss of me not to doff my cap to a few people:

  • My long-suffering best friend – the most obnoxious British subject of them all
  • A fast-moving blonde from Yorkshire
  • Another of the wider Jones clan – always ready with a supportive word and the offer of lunch
  • My parents – who’ve been pretty much ignored whilst this process has been ongoing
  • Two women named Penfold – for restoring my faith in recruiters of all shapes and sizes
  • The Waltons (who will likely never read this) for knowing when to leave well alone and knowing when to provide caiparinha
  • The Jedi Master for restoring my faith in me, and for beers
  • Jac, Jose, Roger, Peter & Sharon for the gigs
  • Last and MOST importantly, Herself for just being herself

The list is by no means exhaustive and like all good acceptance speeches I know I’ve forgotten someone but the band are playing me off. To all of you who’ve read, commented, retweeted or provided material for this blog thank you so much – it has been a major part of maintaining my shred of sanity over the past months and although it may get a little patchy it will continue.

At a point in the film Jerry Maguire, our titular hero (played by Mr Cruise) is trying to influence his one client Rod Tidwell (played with gusto by Cuba Gooding Jr.) to change his attitude in pursuit of a new contract. In the course of the debate, Maguire in trying to convey how tough the negotiations are uses the following description, “It is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about”. I feel kind of the same in describing the job search process but then part of me thinks, without sharing any insight – what would we learn? Maybe another day….for the moment I’ll just say thank you and get on with planning the next step



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8 responses to “The one with the pride swallowing siege

  1. @ohcsolutions

    Big congratulations to you. All the very best in your new role.

  2. Jacob Sten Madsen

    Good luck and fair wind Rob, looking forward to seeing where you will spread your wisdom and skill. Your blog and perspectives always valid and inspirational so please try and make it a recurring thing.

  3. Ruthio

    Very excited for you 🙂 (and it’s made for a good few months of reading – don’t stop blogging!)

  4. Many congratulations Rob – you have a lot to offer so congratulations to your new employer too! I hope your new role is exciting and challenging in all the right ways x

  5. Michelle Monahan

    Great news Mr Jones!

  6. Ohhhh, very exciting, can’t wait to hear more once you can say. Massive congratulations. Let me know when you are next in town and I’ll get you a celebratory drink.

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