The one where I run the ginger gauntlet

You know those lists that regularly get published in magazines “50 things to do before you’re 40”? I am rubbish when it comes to those lists – I have never ridden a motorcycle, I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never parachuted out of a plane, I’ve never walked the machu pichcu trail and significantly for this post I have never grown a mustache… (You can see where this is going!)

It’s November… but for me for the first time it’s Movember. I am taking the plunge and going to attempt to grow the ‘tache. One of the exec at work threw the gauntlet down and I couldn’t help but pick it up but given I am speaking at a conference next week, we have a major event at work on the 19th and I don’t want to have to avoid mirrors anymore than normal I am not excited at the prospect. Like every man at times I have avoided a razor for a few days on the trot and here’s the bit that concerns me most – after 4/5 days a redish/ginger hue can be spotted and I immediately throw myself at the nearest razor.

The picture below was taken at 1930 last night (November 1st) and I had shaved that morning (apologies for the dopey look but I’d been in an 8 hour meeting all day) so here goes nothing (apart from spending 30 days looking like a numpty) but given it’s all for a good cause I am taking the plunge. You can find my mo-space here and if you are so inclined I would really appreciate it but if you are already committed to another grower then sit back, enjoy me daily looking more ridiculous and let’s see what happens with the ginger… watch this space



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2 responses to “The one where I run the ginger gauntlet

  1. Now I really can’t wait until #cipd12 next week

  2. Karen Bosher

    I am watching with avid interest – will you be going for the Mexican droopy, 40’s pencil slim or a big fat Freddie?

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