The one where it’s masters not bust

It was the 14th March 2011 and I was sat in a hotel room in Hong Kong panicked about finding people to interview for the research project of my Masters. At that point I said that by September 2011 I was either going to get a Masters or Bust and it was from there this blog started.

Now as Mr Burns (Robbie not C. Montgomery) famously said “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley” at so it was that by November 2011 I was entering the 3rd year of my 2 year course having failed an exam (by 3%) and my dissertation (by a mind boggling 1%). Having watched my friends and peers from my course celebrating their results I felt to put it mildly….glum. I wasn’t bust but I did have another year of study ahead.

Having passed a resit exam I have spent most of November on tenterhooks awaiting my dissertation result which would basically decided whether I entered year 4 (and some form of padded room) or finally got to declare a result. It was yesterday afternoon sat in a workshop with a group of civil engineers (who let me tell you aren’t that civil when they’re not happy about their break out topics) that I got an e-mail explaining in overlong detail that I had in fact passed my dissertation (by a whisker). I now get to add a few more letters to my name and if I was one of those people who put them on my business card I now could…but I don’t, so I won’t!

To describe it as a colossal anti-climax would be understating it and in reflecting over undergraduate results (jumping around, hugging and boozing) or my CIPD results (hugging and boozing) it didn’t have the same impact but I suppose it’s another tick in the box and life continues pretty much as it was.

I remember saying at the end of my CIPD that if I ever suggested studying again that someone needed to find a gun, take me out and shoot me…and this time I mean it – if I ever suggest studying again please form an orderly queue!

P.S. Anyone got an ideas on what I can rename the blog to? 😉



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12 responses to “The one where it’s masters not bust

  1. crisps4breakfast

    Congrats – I remember our conversation the day you found out you needed to retake & you could have hung a bucket on that bottom lip but you soon brushed yourself down and took a “shit happens but then you crack on” approach without any fuss and did it!!! Well done you – you could have thrown the towel in but you didn’t – v proud of you xx

  2. Eeeeeeeexcellent – Mr Burns (C. Montgomery, not Rabbie)

    Well done, you took your time eh 😉 Mr Shaw ( D, not George Bernard

  3. Master Jones?!? ;). Well done Rob!

  4. First…..congratulation. Although given your Movember tache, the phrase “by a whisker” leaves me somewhat cold……

    Now the website names,

    Jones Moans (although I think more suitable for another Jones…)
    Rob a Job
    Tales from the Tunnel
    Boring stories (geddit?)
    It’s a Tring thing
    PhD or Insanity
    Fidget Jones’s Diary

    Or failing that, I might have a URL or two I could chuck your way! 🙂

  5. Brilliant news – Master Jones. Makes me think perhaps Doug could rewrite the lyrics for Counting Crows song Mrs Jones to celebrate!?

  6. Congratulations! Another achievement which states very clearly that you do not give up! X

  7. Congratulations Rob, that’s great news! How about MasterBlaster as an alternative blog title, with apologies to Stevie Wonder?

  8. Sheena Macdonald

    Well done, Rob! Having started my own Masters programme, ooh, about 8 weeks ago? …I’ve now arranged to get this term in the bag then defer until next year – clearly being made of much less stern stuff than you! I’m regarding Term 1 as a pilot, from which I learned: it’s bloody hard work and you need more spare time than I’ve got (at the moment – need to sort that out); crap TV/reading books that are nothing to do with Organisational Behaviour are the most beguiling thing imaginable when you have a half-completed essay ahemming from the PC screen; and, I really want to do it because I learned so much in a short time it was frightening (and exciting obviously). I salute your achievement. Enjoy life to its very edges!

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