The one with the thwarted Bollinger

I appreciate with all the information flying around the place these days taking time to read blog posts let alone comment, retweet or share is worthy of thanks and appreciation.

With that in mind I had planned to buy each of the followers, commenters and retweeters of this blog a bottle of Bollinger as a thanks for their/your support. I was aware that this would set me back a few quid but I was confident with some investments and decisions I made this year that this wouldn’t be an issue and come Christmas morning you could all be opening your bubbles.

I must confess I thought it a fool proof plan. I had spread the risk and thought with the diversity of my interests there was no way I would come unstuck. The list was as follows:

  1. My share in Lance Armstrong’s future endorsements
  2. My ongoing consulting work with Comet
  3. My £10 bet at 1000-1 for Yorkshire to beat the USA in the Olympic medal table
  4. My revenue share driven by customer satisfaction survey for Apple Maps
  5. My wager on George Osborne winning GQ “Man of the Year”

It is therefore with regret that I announce there will be no Bollinger for any of you this year (well at least not at my expense) and the way things are looking Tiny Tim may be scrabbling around for shoes!!

As today is the ‘last day of term’ for me I thought I would take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support this year (it’s been an interesting year!!) and wish you and yours a happy and relaxed festive season. If you are working over the holidays…then I hope you manage at least some fun

Eyes down for a grand 2013


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